Blue Collar Citizen Steps into the Congressional Candidate Ring for District 9

When you think of a “traditional” congressional candidate, you may find yourself thinking of someone wealthy, well known or “tied in” with big companies. Unfortunately, that vision is what has choked the courage out of the “average” citizen from running for elected seats. That stereotype was never intended by the Constitution. For that very reason, and many others, Michael Boggus has stepped forward and officially announced his intention to run for State Representative of District 9- Georgia.

Imagine an America where the Constitution was honored, human life was respected and a politician was not a middleman between corporate agendas and the general public, but instead a voice for the people he or she was elected to represent. All these things can and will be a reality with Michael Boggus in office. Unlike the politicians we have all come to imagine, Michael has no ties to large corporations, no secret agendas and no ego from an exceptional upbringing to distance him from those he is meant to represent. In fact, Michael could be more accurately stereotyped as the red-blooded American man, who works to provide for his family and has experienced tragic events in his life that have motivated him to effect change in this country. Michael stands firm with the Constitution and fully embraces our founding father’s ideology of “We the People.” While some may try to convince you that a “Patriot” is bigoted, inept or extreme, Michael defies those labels through his actions. Over the years he has stood with a vast array of citizens with differing religious, cultural and social backgrounds, all united for the constitution. Michael has been an advocate for transparent government, constitutionally sound reform and equal rights for all US citizens for over a decade. Beyond constitutional battles, Michael is passionate about tackling the opioid epidemic, addressing the failure in the educational system and tackling the absolute disregard for infant lives. While he could choose to sit back and simply shake his head at the atrocities occurring in our government, Michael has taken the chance that the “average Joe” can run, and win.

Michael Boggus is a father, husband, tax paying American citizen and devout constitutionalist. The money in his accounts is humble and was earned honestly. The drive to keep him focused on the finish line of election day is his passion for this country and the Constitution it was built upon. The courage it takes to step forward and take a chance is derived directly from the thousands that know and support him in his endeavor. Michael Boggus is probably the most unlikely person to run for State Representative of District 9. Given the current temperament and trend within our government today, unlikely is exactly what our spectacular country needs.